About My Footprints

KayleighNewZealandShellsssKayleigh’s Footprints is a documentation of my travels – beginning with my journey to New Zealand. Having spent most of my life assuming I knew the path I wanted to take, the first couple years in the “real” world were confusing and frustrating. I rarely kept a job (in my chosen profession or otherwise) longer than a few months, despised repetition, and resisted building a traditional life. I moved every nine months, spent more and more time outside, and struggled to build relationships.

The restless feelings were helped along by dealing with workers, managers, and even business owners who were cynical, going about their days in a rote, tired way. After two years of fighting myself – thinking if I only found the right position, or the right town, or the right person, I’d be happy – I gave in and decided to try always having the option to be someplace new. So here I am.

At the moment, I’ll simply be writing down thoughts and feelings on my experiences. I have no goal for this blog but to be an honest account of my life.

If you’d like to follow along on my journey, just look for the footprints!


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